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Here at TDF Design Ltd, we help businesses with their industrial building plans throughout Halesowen, Sandwell and the wider West Midlands area. Whatever the scope of your project we can guide you through the entire process, with a range of advisory and project management services tailored to your needs.
Our team pride themselves on helping businesses thrive and adapt to change. We have worked with several industrial and commercial clients throughout the region, making us a trusted name in building advisory services and project management.
We have decades of experience in the building industry and can help you with design, structural considerations, site preparation, plumbing, electrics, materials and much more.
We understand that undertaking a large commercial or industrial build might seem daunting but we can help break down each element of your project, giving you sound advice and realistic outcomes. We are specialists in industrial extension and alteration plans and are happy to provide a quote free of charge.

Expert Industrial Extension Plans

Here at TDF Design Ltd, we are committed to helping businesses grow and reach their full potential. To this end, we offer advice and expertise to help with industrial extension plans. The most likely reasons you are extending is to expand your workforce, increase your productivity and ultimately increase your profits. Investing in a large-scale extension means considering many things, which is why you need specialists with your best interests at heart.
If you have outgrown your current industrial premises, we can discuss your industrial extension plans at length. We can help you with design plans, infrastructure considerations, building and regulatory factors and health and safety. We manage expectations around timescales and budgets, so you go into your project with your eyes open to the complexities involved.

Specialists in Industrial Alteration Plans

Do you need support with your industrial alteration plans? Our team can help. Perhaps you need to modify access points to accommodate new equipment or change the function of your business. Whatever the scope of your project, our expertise can make the process seamless and stress-free.
We are project management specialists who can help you identify your key priorities and ensure your business continues to operate with minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities. Whether you need to add new facilities or change the layout of your warehouse, factory or plant, we can assist you with every aspect of your project.